Propa Frame has aimed to improve its quality more and more.

We started our journey by producing profil and photo frames without technology. Our company grow up day by day since 1986.

The factory is located in Hatay- Antakya in 2000 m2 closed and 5000 open area. Also, we serve our clients from our first branch in “Ankara Siteleri” that is 350 m2 and from the second one in “İstanbul İstoç” which is 300 m2. By 68 experienced staff members, 10 marketing vehicles and 3 logistic supply vehicles is an technological and accomplished company.

We serve to 2.500 customers all around Turkey. Our collection includes decorative polyester mirrors, frames of ınjection, lamine, plastic, wood ,products for art galleries and also for souvenirs- home textiles shops.
Our company supports the customers not only on production and selling and also after delivery and installation. The unique models and designes specialize our products for the best results. We produce 3.5000 metres profil, 500.000 painting frames, 30.000 polyester mirrors, 10.000 dresuar, 250.00 mirrors in different sizes in order to grow up on direction, selling and marketing. Additionally to these, the company sells the necessary equipments for providing frame like, dual cutter machines up 50 mm to 140 mm, pinomatic amd mechanic giotin maschines, corner conjuction maschines also fitings equipments like metalic- plastic hangers, steel wires, conjuctions cotters, guns for original Italian flexible cotters and f-18 hard cotters, normal glass.

Propa Frame’s aim is to provide products of high quality. We have spent years developing relationships and vetting conservators to properly treat our customers. We care about the enviromental pollution and for this reason our products are totally suitable for recycling.